Proven. Style.

"Rachel fundamentally understands that style and fashion are a reflection of who we are and how we want to present ourselves to the world. With a highly unique and relevant background in marketing, creative direction and branding – as a branding expert who has worked in the fashion industry, but as importantly has given a lot of thought and intention into her own style and the why behind it – she nailed exactly the ethos that I had been seeking in honing my style.

Her directness, sense of humor and laser-focus are the gold here and she was able to perfectly whittle away the 'noise' in my wardrobe and style and identify my adjectives, modifier, areas to focus on (and equally as importantly those to avoid) in a clear and relatable way.

It has become an invaluable compass for a new way of looking at my wardrobe, my style, how I shop and what I shop for, and one that has already saved me both money, and the frustration, headache and heartbreak of impulse buys, shopping mistakes and 'what the h*ll was I thinking?' kryptonite purchases. I now approach both dressing and shopping with a new level of self knowledge and confidence."